Archives Division

The Archives Division provides Records Management services for the Santa Rosa County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller.

Our office is located at 6444 Open Rose Drive, Milton, FL 32570. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm CST.

The following documents are available through this office:

  • Court records
  • Marriage and Divorce records 
  • Historical records


To obtain a copy of a court record:
Complete the Request for Copies or Viewing of Court Records form.
*You will need to provide a case number, names of the parties on the case, and the name or title of the document being requested.
*If you are a party to the case and are requesting non-redacted or confidential information, the form will have to be notarized or picture ID is required when in person. 

How to look up a court case:
Visit our Online Court Records Search page by clicking on Search Court Records  and enter the name or case number of the court case for which you are looking.   

To obtain copies of deeds and mortgages:
Visit our Official Records and Public Images page by clicking on Search Official Records and enter the  name or the book and page numbers.  Documents recorded in the Official Records include deeds, mortgages, liens, and judgments.

To order a transcript of a court hearing or trial:
Contact the Office of the Circuit Court Reporter, (850) 981-5595 or visit First Judicial Circuit of Florida.

For information on Birth or Death Certificate records:
Vital records are maintained by the Florida Department of Vital Statistics at (904) 359-6900. Additional information is available at the Santa Rosa County Health Department at (850) 983-5200

The Clerk’s Office is committed to the preservation of historical records and takes an active role in maintaining them for their historical value and for future generations.

The following is a list of the records that are available through the  Archives Division:
· Circuit Criminal (Felony)
· County Criminal (Misdemeanor and Traffic)
· Circuit Civil
· County Civil
· Small Claims
· Probate
· Family Law
· Circuit Court Minutes docket books and index (1869-1990)
· Civil Progress Docket books and index
· Marriage License (1869 – present)
· Cemetery books
· Milton Newspapers (1928 – 1992)
· Marks and Brands
· Medical Certificates
· Patent land index

The information required for searches is:
· Civil – The name of Plaintiff or Defendant, the year of the case
· Criminal Cases – The defendant’s name, date of birth, and year of the case
· Probate - individual’s name and the year of the case
· Marriage License – the Groom’s full name, the Bride’s name at the time of the marriage application,   and the year of the marriage
(Note: The marriage license application must have been obtained in Santa Rosa County.)

Service charges and fees:
Copy of a court record                                   $1.00 per page
Certified copy per document                      $2.00 plus copy fee
Exemplification of a document                 $7.00 per of exemplification a document


Payment types accepted:
· Cash
· Checks – Personal, Business, Cashiers and Travelers made payable to the Clerks of Courts
· Money Orders – U.S.
· Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
Please note:  A 3.5% surcharge fee is added to all credit card transactions
· Escrow account – (established through Records Division, 850-983-1966)

The mailing address is:
Archives Division
Donald C Spencer Santa Rosa County Clerk of Courts & Comptroller
P O Box 472
Milton, Florida 32572





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